Tonneau Cover Varieties

Soft and hard roll-up covers, retractable covers, and snap-down covers are popular tonneau models that are each designed to span the cargo area of a truck. A tonneau cover is often used to improve aerodynamics or protect a load of goods that are being transported.

Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up covers will contain a soft or hard material that will stretch out across the bed of a truck. Hardware is used to anchor the ends and sides of a cover. Vinyl is a common soft material that roll-up covers are made of. The flexibility of this type of fabric will allow a cover to be tightly rolled, prior to securing the rolled fabric along the interior end of a bed. The lightweight fabric will have a little give to it, which will allow a cover to be stretched out to each anchoring point.

Fiberglass and aluminum are used to make a hard roll-up cover. Rigid panels that comprise a hard roll-up cover will stack upon one another as a cover is rolled up. On the interior end of a cover, there may be straps or hooks that will hold the cover pieces in place. Canvas and plastic varieties are also used to make soft and hard roll-up tonneau covers.

Retractable Covers

A retractable cover will use an electronic device to slide a cover open and closed. As the pieces of a cover are retracted, they will sit inside one another in a stacked formation. This type of cover is typically made of durable materials that have a rigid surface. A retractable cover may come with a remote device. This device can be secured to a keychain. As a truck's cargo area is going to be accessed, an end-user can press the activating key on their remote control.

Snap Down Covers

Snap-down covers can be removed in their entirety when they are not going to be used. A cover like this will contain snaps along the outer edge of the fabric. A thin, rigid material that contains the opposite snap piece that is needed to secure the cover will need to be attached directly around the bed of a truck. A snap-down cover can be constructed of many different fabrics. A cover like this will be made of a fairly flexible material. A cover that will be removed from a truck bed can be stored in a toolbox or another storage setup that is within the bed.

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