What to Do When Your Trucks Breaks Down on the Road

When you get a flat tire with a commercial truck, you can't just pull over and change the tire. Most common roadside emergencies pose a much bigger problem for a large truck, but emergency truck road service providers can still help get your truck back on the road in no time.

When You Break Down

If you consistently drive a large semi-truck over the road, you will eventually break down and need some assistance. Most trucking companies have a plan in place for these kinds of situations, so the first call you should make is to your dispatcher to let them know what happened and where you are. 

Get the truck as far off the road as you can safely manage, put down your emergency triangles or flares to let other vehicles know you are there, and then stay in the truck and out of traffic. The dispatcher will contact the emergency truck road service and have them come to your location as soon as possible. 

If the truck is blocking traffic, let the dispatcher know because they may need to send a wrecker to move the truck off the roadway. A breakdown is bad enough, but if the truck causes an accident because of where it is sitting, the trucking company and you as the driver can be liable for the accident in most states. 

When Help Arrives

When the emergency truck road service arrives, they will assess the issue with the truck and may ask what happened. If you have a flat tire or something simple to fix, the service tech will repair the truck right there on the roadside. The road service tech will bring all the tools they may need with them on the service truck and replace many parts right where the truck is sitting. An alternator, batteries, or even a driveshaft or u-joints can often be repaired while the truck is on the side of the road if needed. 

If the problem is too large to repair on the road, the service tech will let you know, and they will have a wrecker come and tow the truck to the shop. If the truck needs to be towed in, it is important to let your dispatcher know because your load may be late, and they may want to have you drop the trailer and send a truck to finish the delivery for you.

In some situations, the tow company may not be able to tow the truck and the trailer together, so you will need to drop the trailer right where you broke down. Make sure the trailer is secure and safe before you leave it, and leave the triangles and markers out so that motorists can see the trailer as they approach. 

For more information about emergency truck road service, contact a local business near you.

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