A Guide to U-Haul & Its Many Options for Moving

Moving can be a pretty stressful event, no matter how far or short the distance is. It's a huge ordeal to pack up all of your belongings and transport them to the next residence. Even more so if you do not have the right vehicles to carry your possessions to the new place, such as a truck or van. Luckily, there is a company known as U-Haul that offers several different options for hauling your packed items. Follow this guide to learn all you need to know about using U-Haul for your next move.


This company offers several different types of trailers for you to rent. The type of trailer you need is based on what kind of items you are hauling with it.

Vehicle Trailers: Vehicle trailers are designed to transport a vehicle such as a car or truck to your new location. You can choose a dolly, which works by parking the front two tires on the dolly and the back wheels stay on the road as you drive. You can also choose an auto transport trailer and have the entire vehicle loaded onto the trailer. You will need to check the weight and size limit before choosing this option. And the third trailer is a motorcycle trailer. All the trailers have built-in ramps for easy loading.

Cargo Trailers: Cargo trailers are also available to rent. The smallest size is 4x7 feet and the largest is 6x12 feet. These trailers are a great option if you are transporting things like landscaping materials, bikes, outdoor playsets, or furniture. The trailers are not covered, so do not haul anything that you do not want to be exposed to the elements. Always double-check that all items are secured before you travel.


U-Haul truck rentals can range from a standard pickup truck to a 26' truck. The trucks all have an enclosed trailer attached to the back of them. The size of the truck that you need depends on the number of belongings. U-Haul has a chart to help calculate it for you. For instance, a 10' truck is better suited for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, while a 26' truck is for a 3–4 bedroom home. They all come with wide ramps to make loading heavy items easier and quicker.


The best thing about U-Haul is that you don't have to return the vehicle or trailer to the place you rented it from. You can simply find the closest rental place to your new location and drop the vehicle off there. Keep in mind that you will need a driver's license to rent a truck. You may also need to place down a security deposit.

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