3 Things Parking Apps Can Do That Humans Can't

Smart devices with apps have changed the way people do a lot of things. Many of these apps have made life easier. People are able to do much more in less time. One such type of app, the parking app, has changed the way people park their cars in the city. The app can do at least three things better than humans. 

1. Find Parking Faster

How often do you drive around several city blocks for minutes or an hour at a time trying to find the right parking spot? That is too much time wasted. You should be able to find a parking spot faster, but that is not humanly possible. However, a parking app uses both satellite and electronic information to find spots that have opened up. If you hurry, you might make it to the open spot on time. The satellite views city parking on the streets in real time, while the electronic information alerts you to available spots on parking ramps and in front of parking meters that use payment cards. That is how the parking apps can locate spots for you.

2. Pay Ahead

The apps also allow you to pay ahead for a parking when the spots are in a ramp or on the street in front of metered parking. If you are able to do that, you can secure your spot, and the parking apps label it as "taken." The spot is yours, and no one else can park in it. If the spot is in a ramp with an attendant, you will have to show ID and your parking app receipt for advance payment of the spot. 

3. Reserve the Spot up to Two Weeks Ahead

Do you have time to stand in one spot for two weeks? Probably not, and really, only people who are waiting for exclusive backstage passes and concert tickets have that much time on their hands. The same goes for parking. You are not likely to either stand in one spot for two weeks nor are you likely to hire someone else to stand in that spot for two weeks.

However, your parking apps do have the ability to reserve a spot up to two weeks in advance. If and when that spot becomes available, the app alerts you to the fact that your reserved spot is ready for you to park. If you have also reserved and paid for the spot, the spot then becomes yours the minute it opens up.

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