Give Your BMW Some Performance: 4 BMW High-Performance Upgrades With OEM Parts

BMW cars are well-known for their German engineering and excellent performance and handling. Normal model BMW cars have stock parts that make curtain cars underperform, which is usually not bad, but they can easily be made better. The secret is the high-performance BMW parts that are available for most models from the M racing arm of the German manufacturer, but what needs an upgrade on your car or what can be installed by the dealer for new or used cars? Here are some of the OEM upgrades that will help improve the performance and handling of standard BMW models.

1. Maximize Engine Performance with Engine Tuning Upgrades  

The stock engines in BMW standard packages are the same that are used in many high-performance models. This means that they can easily be tuned using the OEM specs to maximize power and performance. You may want to also talk with a BMW tuning service about any upgrades that need to be done to the parts inside the engine when you add extra power.

2. M Ram Air Intake Upgrades for Giving Your Car A Power Boost

Tuning and engine upgrades are not the only way to add more power to a car. With BMWs, you have M ram air intake system that increases the airflow to give your car more power. Talk with a repair and tuning service about OEM and aftermarket options for adding ram air to your car to get the most power.

3. M Brake Upgrades for Racing-Style Stopping Power in Your BMW

When you tune a car to get more horse power, you also want to have good stopping power with high-performance brakes. BMW cars make this easy with OEM parts that can be used to upgrade the brake systems on standard model cars. To ensure you do not have problems with these upgrades, it is best to take your car to a BMW specialist to have this work done.

4. M Suspension Upgrade Kits for Sporty Handling of Your BMW

In addition to the brakes, you also want to have a good suspension for handling. There are high-performance OEM and aftermarket BMW suspension kits that can be used to upgrade the suspension on your car for the best handling.

These are some of the high-performance OEM upgrades that will make your beamer better. If you are a BMW enthusiast and need of new BMW brakes, contact a BMW repair service to have your car upgraded with high-performance BMW M OEM upgrades.

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