5 Things You Need To Remove From Your Car Before Turning It Into Cash

Turning your car into a junk yard for cash is definitely a great idea if you have a vehicle that is just not fixable. This sometimes happens to vehicles that are extremely old or have been sitting too long or have been involved in an accident that had damages without insurance to compensate for it. Before turning your car in, however, you are going to want to remove these five things:

  1. GPS System: If your vehicle had a built-in GPS system, you are going to want to remove it and sell it separately. This is going to ensure that you are able to sell it on its own, which can definitely lead to you getting more for your money out of turning your car over to a junk yard. Of course, the GPS system should still be intact. If it needs repairs, it might not be worth it.
  2. Exhaust System: Another item work considering is the exhaust system since you can also sell this for a decent amount of money if it's working properly and intact. The reason for this is because exhaust systems are important for controlling the noise coming from the engine and preventing a heavy amount of fumes from being released into the air. On top of this, exhaust systems are easily compromised in the event of an accident, so many times they are needed for making repairs to other people's vehicles. 
  3. Windshield Wipers: While this isn't well worth it to remove before turning in your vehicle to a junk yard, it just might be if you've recently had them replaced. You can sell them for a small amount of cash to someone looking to replace their windshield wipers. 
  4. Tires: Tires are another item to consider removing, especially if you've recently had them replaced or the tread on them is still in great condition. You can sell these for a good amount of money after turning your car into the junk yard. 
  5. Bumper: Finally, you can remove the bumper if it's in good condition. Bumpers are easily damaged, especially in read-endings, so it's worth it to remove your bumper and sell as a replacement part to an auto body shop or even online since they are so very often needed. 

When you know what things to remove from your vehicle beforehand, you can get more money from a car that is considered "junk" for a junk yard and no longer needed. Contact a company like U Pull & Pay for more information and assistance. 

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