3 Automotive Maintenance Tips To Ensure Summer Road Trips Are Free Of Visits To Repair Shops

The last thing you want during a summer road trip is to have to spend vacation time in an auto repair shop. The maintenance and repairs to your car should be done before you hit the road, though problems can always arise. With could auto maintenance, you can ensure that your road trips are free of visits to the shop. Here are some maintenance tips to help you enjoy your vacation without a stay in the auto repair shop:

1. Check Tire Treads, Pressure and The Spare in The Trunk

Checking the tire treads is important during regular driving. Before you take a road trip, take a closer look at tires and look for signs of wear. The tires should have plenty of tread, and it should be evenly worn. If you notice a little more wear on one side of a tire, talk with an auto maintenance service about rotating and balancing the tires. In addition, check the spare and make sure it is ready in case you need it. You may also want to include an extra jack and a small car repair toolkit in the compartment where your spare is located.

2. Revising the Fluids and Changing the Oil Before Hitting the Road

The oil is one of the most important lubricants in your car and needs to be changed regularly. In addition to changing the oil, have auto services inspect other fluids including coolant, transmission and brake fluids. Some of the fluids may not need to be changed, but it is generally a good idea to have the radiator and cooling system flushed and have new fluid added before you travel.

3. Brakes and Inspection for Worn Parts That Need Replacing Before You Travel

Having good brakes before you travel is also important, which you will want to inspect the brakes as well as components that can wear out on your car. Inspect the brakes of your car, as well as components like wires and hoses. When inspecting wiring, rubber components and other parts, look for problems like cracking and physical damage. Also, look over all the brake lines and look for signs of deterioration and leaks.

These are some tips for maintenance that will help you avoid car trouble on your summer road trips. Contact an auto service to get the help you need with maintenance and repairs before you leave for your next road trip. 

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