Oversized Loads: How To Transport Them Within The Law

Oversized loads require a wider flatbed to carry them. They also come with some restrictions and requirements to move over land and by truck. If you are trying to get into the business of oversized load transportation, you will need to know how to operate this type of business within the limits of the law.

Oversize Truck Permits

The very first step in this process is making sure all of your oversized trucks and trucks that you plan to use for transporting oversized loads have oversize truck permits. These permits need be from the state in which your main office is located, as well as additional permits from states to which you expect your drivers to travel. There are slight variances in the regulations for oversized trucks and loads from state to state.

It is important that you have your bases covered to avoid fines. With most states, these permits can be applied for and purchased from each individual state's Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles. Do not put your oversized trucks on the road to another state until you have the correct permits for each truck.

Wide Load Escorts

Oversized loads, or "wide loads" have to have vehicle escorts. The lead vehicle with flashing lights alerts oncoming traffic to the massive load coming behind. This gives oncoming traffic the chance to move far over to the opposite side of the road so that they do not collide with any part of the oversized load heading in their direction.

The escort vehicle with flashing lights behind the oversized load alerts vehicles behind that the driver of the oversized truck cannot see them from behind because the load blocks all views and cannot accommodate or navigate more speed, quick turns, fast braking or sharp turns. Vehicles that follow behind the rear escort have to follow at or below the same speed as the oversized load and cannot attempt to go around, speed up or otherwise bypass the oversized load without the potential for injury and severe damage.

Slower Than the Speed Limit

If you have ever found yourself behind an oversized load transport, then you know how slowly they travel. This is for the safety of everyone involved with the transport, as well as for other drivers on the road. Ergo, your drivers will have to learn how to navigate roads while driving far under the speed limit and still manage their time so that these deliveries are on time.

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